Doczepki? Tylko z Besthairbuy!

One of my favourite quotes is "La donna è mobile", which in my native language goes: "Kobieta zmienną jest". As you probably already know, I love to experiment with my appearance. Changing numerous outfits, different styles of make up and hairstyles is a daily basis of my life as a fashion blogger. My new fascination connects with the last. Have you ever tried hair extensions, clip in hair or wigs?

Finding perfect clip in hair often becomes a serious hard nut to crack. It's no surprise, because I had been also looking for an appropriate provider for a really long time. But since I've become a loyal customer of Besthairbuy, I don't have to look for any different store anymore. Why? Let me share with you some information about the brand.

They offer a wide range of beautiful quality hair extensions, as well as wigs, hair or beauty accessories and much more. What's definitely worth a look is that their products are made of 100% genuine human hair, which makes them extremely comfortable, natural looking and almost invisible. They also fit in all the latest trends perfectly - go check out their styles of Brazilian hair (just in time for our ongoing long and sunny summer in Poland) to get inspired! Even though there are thousands of the most fashionable and precise designs on Besthairbuy's offer, you will see that the prices are peerless!

If you're still only thinking about starting a (smaller or bigger) experiment on your head, my advice would be to try clip in hair first. You can see one of the examples below:
 10pcs Straight Clip InRemy Hair Extensions #2 Darkest Brown

It's really soft, natural and very easy to work with. It comes in 10 pcs sets allows us to have beautiful long hairstyle without strenuous months of growing hair. This feature makes them almost an essential gadget of a modern flighty woman. Only imagine your workmates' faces while entering your office with your hair longer even 20 centimetres longer than on the previous day!
Besthairbuy's clip in hair weighs about 120-200 g and can be attached to your natural hair thanks to 1-4 clips per weft. Can be bleached, dyed and washed. It's thin, lightweight and available in a huge variety of colors - mine is #24 Sandy Blonde, and  which is yours? Tell me your numbers in comments!
Will you try their products? Remember that you can receive it even in 2 working days after purchase when choosing Expres Shipping!

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5 komentarze:

  1. Ciekawe. W ogóle nie widać, że to są doczepki :)

  2. piękna bluzka;)

  3. fajny pomysł takie doczepianki :-)

  4. Czy teraz już zawsze będzie po angielsku? Jeśli tak to wielka szkoda :(